You have documented your business processes neatly? How do your employees access these?

Not only for new employees it is very important to get familiar with your business processes, also for your core staff regular updates are important.

What are the advantages of these processes being available online at all times?

  • You save time-your employees inform themselves without having to ask questions
  • You avoid mistakes-in case of doubt you can quickly check online
  • No waiting for answers-your employees are more efficient and therefore more productive
  • They promote transparency-it’s easy to understand why someone does something
  • You create redundancy colleagues can easily jump in

Invest in business process training with the modern online learning solutions from Eduloxx. Let us create your content in a customer-specific manner.

Here you will find a selection of topics in the field of processes.

  • Order Processing (from offer to delivery)
  • Complaint Handling
  • Maintenance and Maintenance
  • Production (from prefabricating to final assembly)
  • Procurement (of raw materials, consumables and supplies)
  • Product development (from product idea to start of production)
  • Cash flow
  • Financial planning
  • Quality assurance
  • People Development
  • Target Setting
  • Market Data acquisition
  • Logistics (material flow from supplier to customer)
  • Contacting new customers/acquisition
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Administration (travel expenses, sickness, vacation, hiring)